Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Saying hi!

Hi, I just joined in. I have a gross amount of UFO's and I'm frankly pretty disgusted with myself. I am vowing to finish them all by 2009! Please feel free to chastise me if I don't.

I'm also going to whip up some blog buttons for this FAL. :)

I have on my to-finish list:

-Mom's Sizzle top
-2nd Branching out
-Cabled Hoodie Scarf
-Other "damn sock"...victim of SSS

That's my pledge. Now to get off Ravelry/my butt and get to it.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

a sweater here, a sweater there

... and never the twain shall meet. Or never the anything shall meet because I never work on any of them. I have a sweater all knitted up that's been waiting for finishing for over a year! And I have a sweater that never made it past gauge swatching. Both are from Rowan's Vintage Knitting book: Aimee is the unfinished and Jarrett is the unbegun. 

I have already finished one other little sweater that I am GOING to block TODAY whether I like it or not (i've been meaning to do it for weeks). My son will grow out of it if I don't block it soon! 

Sunday, February 24, 2008

First UFO-to-FO for 2008

I finished this a few weeks ago. Since the start of the year, I've also knitted 2 sweaters from scratch, but I always feel way happier finishing something old. I guess it's the pleasure of overcoming procrastination.

Skinny memorial sweater (in remembrance of my former pet), started last fall, now complete! (blogged here)

I'm flirting with procrastination again, but after that, I'll be committing to UFOs again and working on a knit.1 tank I started back in 2006! Here's the back (I'm assuming that ugly edge will be covered in the end, yuck):

I did a little work on the front last month, and I had to go down a needle size to get gauge, my knitting has loosened up so much. I'm about a third of the way up the front, and after that, it's just seam, seam, edge, and I'll have my first top of the summer, well before it's actually warm enough to wear it.

Monday, January 21, 2008

progress on Hopeful

Cross-posted from my blog:

I did the secret-ninja snip, knit, and graft to lengthen my Hopeful. I'm very pleased with the fit now. I think I used the wrong size needles, though: I started with size 6s but the fabric looked too loose, so I frogged back and switched to fives. I think 6s were the correct choice after all. Oh, well. It shouldn't be too noticeable once I even out the tension on the transitional rows (particularly the grafted row) and then block it. (The rest of the sweater was blocked in September, so it has had a chance to relax, while the inserted section hasn't.)

My next step is to make the sleeves longer. I'm not sure if I'll take them to 3/4 or full-length. It may depend on how much yarn I can get my hands on. Knitpicks is discontinuing this yarn and they're out of grey. I contacted a user on Ravelry who has two balls in her stash, but I haven't heard back yet. I'll be crossing dye lots, but I think it won't be obvious if I use the same dye lot for the entirety of both sleeves, rather than switching part-way through the body, for example. We'll see!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

1 Down!

As of Wensday, Britts blanket is finished!WEE! I don't know how big it is, but that's my entire living room floor. I also just finished another washcloth, bringing my total up to 4 this month so far.
I have started crocheting small 4 row grannys for fun as part of a stash busting move as well as breaking up the monotony in my larger projects, I'm not going to kill myself but it might be a afghan for my sister for Christmas.
1 afghan down 7 to go


Friday, January 4, 2008

Working on Tomten

I started Tomten around august of last year, It has sat quite abandoned for a few months,fallen out of love if you will, but today I stayed home from work sick and simple garter stitch was just the ticket. I'm now more than 1/2 way down the first sleeve.I have no expectations as to when it will be finished,but today was good progress to an eventual FO.


some progress towards the improvisational cardi

I knit two or three feet of icord for my improvisational cardi last night. I'm still procrastinating on the frog vs. surgery vs. after-the-fact-redesign (i.e., learning to love it the way it is, not the way I envisioned it) decision, but I'll need the icord under any scenario, so that's progress, right? Right?

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Signing In

Hi, I'm Jess, and I blog here, although not nearly as frequently as I used to.

I usually have several projects going at once - sometimes they just need to sit in time out for a few weeks before I'm ready to work on them again - but I've got way more than usual right now. So I'm looking forward to getting some things done.

Here's a quick list:

Things I Want To Finish

- Sunrise Circle Jacket (just don't feel like it)

- Improvisational Cardi (my own design - having some fit problems)

- Rising Flames socks (having some fit problems)

- Retro Throw blanket (just slow going)

- Serrano (pulled the needles for another project and just never picked it up again)

Things I May Want to Rip Out or Adjust

- Juno Regina (too narrow)

- Synopated Brioche Hat (my own design - don't like the decreases, and should be deeper)

- Hopeful (needs to be longer in the waist, and may make it long-sleeved)

- Blissful Jacket (blocked & seamed, just needs sewn-in stripes & collar adjustment)

Things on Long-Term Hold
(i.e., that I might decide not to finish after all)

- Rebecca #12 wrap with sleeves (not sure I love the pattern anymore - will probably frog and make something else)

- Hush Hush Chemise (do I really want a knitted nightgown?)

Saturday, December 29, 2007


I wanted to say hi to the first members of this KAL/CAL, This is my first time running an along, so I hope it stays fun and at the end of the year we can all revel in our success! So introduce yourself, settle in, grab your most favorite drink and lets start knitting!
My name is Hayley, I'm 20 yrs old and I've been crocheting for over 15 years and I just started knitting about 5 years ago.I have 4 nieces and 3 nephews and I'm getting married on May 1st.
I plan on finishing a lot of afghans/other projects that I have started and lost interest it, as well as bought the yarn for and never started!

I'm looking forward to it!



Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I'm happy you have found us!Are you ready to free up those needles in the new year?Then join me in Clean your plate in 2008! A KAL I'm more than happy to host for those like me that need to finish those long (or short) languashing projects!
My e-mails on the side bar , just give me a holler and I'll be more than happy to send you an invite!