Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Saying hi!

Hi, I just joined in. I have a gross amount of UFO's and I'm frankly pretty disgusted with myself. I am vowing to finish them all by 2009! Please feel free to chastise me if I don't.

I'm also going to whip up some blog buttons for this FAL. :)

I have on my to-finish list:

-Mom's Sizzle top
-2nd Branching out
-Cabled Hoodie Scarf
-Other "damn sock"...victim of SSS

That's my pledge. Now to get off Ravelry/my butt and get to it.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

a sweater here, a sweater there

... and never the twain shall meet. Or never the anything shall meet because I never work on any of them. I have a sweater all knitted up that's been waiting for finishing for over a year! And I have a sweater that never made it past gauge swatching. Both are from Rowan's Vintage Knitting book: Aimee is the unfinished and Jarrett is the unbegun. 

I have already finished one other little sweater that I am GOING to block TODAY whether I like it or not (i've been meaning to do it for weeks). My son will grow out of it if I don't block it soon!